Women Up

& Equality


In Sport

The overall aim of WOMEN-UP is to contribute to the equity and equality of opportunities for women in relation to sport in the EU.

The project responds to the priority of promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. Women in Sport: Gender Relations and Future Perspectives (Women-UP) is the second step of the AGES – “Addressing Gender Equality in Sport” project in which the results showed that the problem of gender inequality is perceived and that there are many obstacles that women face today in sport, both as athletes and in entering corporate and federal environments in technical and/or management roles

Aims of
The project
Raise awareness

To increase the awareness on social inclussion issues in sport in Europe.

Break down gender stereotypes

To promote the participation of teachers, coaches, trainers from seven different European countries on training courses about breaking down gender stereotypes and prejudices in the sport sector.

To involve

To involve stakeholders as well as female athletes from different countries in activities aimed at raising their awareness of the need to efficiently and effectively promote gender equality in sport, and to evaluate whether the activities carried out have had the spected impact.

To create

To create learning material that guarantees its replicability in other contexts, thanks to the involvement of partners from countries with heterogeneous socio-cultural, geographical and historical characteristics and to disseminate among the stakeholders.

To increase

To increase the membership of the participating organizations in the network of partners
involved in European projects on this issue, thus assessing the importance and value that these
organizations attach to the cooperative projects on gender issues.

Work Packages

WP 1
Project management and coordination
  • T1.1. Set-up and planning of the project management and coordination.
  • T1.2. Implementation of the project management and coordination
WP 2
Promotion of gender equality, equity and inclusión in sport
WP 3
Innovative course for physical education teachers and coaches of sport clubs
  • T3.1. Design and development of the contents and structure of a comprehensive innovative curriculum to train coaches and physical education teachers for gender equality in sport.
  • T3.2. Design and development of the online tools.
  • T3.3. Implementation of the innovative course curriculum.
  • T3.4. Creation of pedagogical material for e-learning training.
WP 4
Decalogue of Good Practice
  • T4.1. Development of the Decalogue of Good Practices with the outputs of the project.
WP 5
Comunication and dissemination
  • T5.1. General dissemination
  • T5.2. Preparation of scientific papers with the activities related to the research of this project.
  • T5.3. International Congress online: “International Congress Women-UP: Women in Sport“
  • T5.4. Dissemination and training sessions in educational centers.
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